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FIRST WORLD ZO CONVENTION (Chaerter of Agreement on Zo Re-unification)

(Chaerter of Agreement on Zo Re-unification)
(Hilai ah ZO akizatna in Zomi leh Mizo kigawmkhawpna dingin a kizangkhawmphawt ahi hi)

Ko Zominamte Kawlgam sunga om Khamtunggam ahi Zogam (Chin Hills) leh Arakan, Bangladesh gam sunga om Chittagong Hills, India gama om Mizogam leh a kiim a paam-a om mualtung a teengte Pupa suan khat hi ungh.

Pupa ngeina pau leh ham, Tawndan tatdan panin Si khat sakhat minam khat i hihna kitel hi. Tuate banah, taangthu tuanthu ciaptehnate panin, Suulnungte a kigelh-a a kigelh kei zongin Hun paisa tampite sungah Hong suan kibang ahihlam thumaan thutak ahi hi.

Minam kepcingna, Kigawmkhopna ding leh khantohna ding tawh kituak lopi-in, Maangkaang ukpite in hong ukcip (zawhcip ngawp) khit Kum zasim  19 sungin, ‘Khenzaak-a ukna’ (Divide and Rule) Ngiimna vaihawmna tawh hong ukcip hi. Tua ahih manin, i pu i pa gam khenzaakin om aa, Ei Zomipite zong tua bangmah in Ganhon kizuak bangin khenzaakin ki om hi.

Tua thamlo-in Gimna tawlna maizumna panin liamna baina, i thuaksate genloh Kum 1940 kiima hongpiang gam – India, Burma leh Bangladesh te’n Eite ki-ukna kivaihawmna asia zaw kanin A thukzaw in lungkhamna leh kikhennate hong piangsak aa Amau gam tek ii ki-ukna vaihawmnate hangin Zosuante gammi hihna (Citizenship) tuamtuam nei-in Hong kikhensak sawnsawn uh hi.

Kum zasim hoihkhomkhat khit na-ngawnin, A zawdiakin, eite pilna, theihna leh muhnate a toiluat manin Taangthu tuamtuamte leh gamvai hawmnate ah hita leh, A kicianlo eite kiim leh paam pan I minam mangthang ding beina ding lauhuainate tawh A kicingtaak thudanna leh kinsaknate ki ngahlo hi. Deepcip nelhsiahna lauhuaina tampi sungah A om ei Zomite Suakta nailo damlo in ki om lai hi.

Tu-in leitung gamvai hawmna khanlawhna hang tawh, Minam itna lungsim hong khangin Mihingte ngahding hihna leh thuneihna a kicing zaw-in phawkin Leitung paidan gamvai hawmna tawh kisai kiphawk theipan hi. I septheih a om pahloh hangin haksatna tampi masuan kawmin Zominamte kigawmkhawpkik ding kul sakna tawh Zominam a nuntak nading leh i kepcing theihding kisam hi.

Tua ahih manin eima kimuanzawhna leh ki-upzawhna tawh Gam tuamtuamte ngeina sepdan tawh kituakin Zosuante mi’n hong bawlsiatna te pan i suahtakna dingin, Zomite kigawmkhopkikna ding a khatvei-na Leitung Bup Zomi Kikhoppi zanga hong pai taangmi (delegates) te’n Tuni-in minam hihna tawh, May kha ni sawmnih, I Topa pian kum tulkhat zakua sawmgiat leh giat in A kip thuciam thukimna Hih Zosuan kigawmkhopkikna Tausiang tungah ka bawl uh aa, A nuai-a bangin:


I.              Kote’n kituaktakin, thumaan thutak tawh Zosuante Tu-in Burma, India leh Bangladesh a teengte Sikhat sakhat paukhat a zangkhawm, Nuntakzia a kibang, ngeina leh biakna kibang a nei Leitung gamvai hawmna tupna leh ngiimna kibangte ka hi uh hi.

II.            Kote’n India gam sungpan ki-ukna khat nuai-ah Zosuante kigawmkhopna ding maa lato zel dingin Chin-Lushai Conference thukhun omsa 29th January 1892 bangin Lungsim khat pua-in ka pangkhawm uh hi.

III.           Kote’n leitung thumaan thutang lenkawmin Zosuante kigawmkhop ding deihna sungah Gamgi tawh kisailo-in A kikhen theilo Zosuante thuneihna ka nei uh hi. Tua banah, lung kituaktakin Zosuante kigawmkhopna ding, Ka ngetna uh zong a kilawm thumaan thutang ahi hi.

IV.          Zosuante kigawmkhopna dingin Thagum tawh galbawlna omlo-in Thumaan thutang hatna tawh kasem ding uh hi.

V.            Hih thumaan thutak Zominamte gammisuahna kumpite kiangah zong Zosuante kigawmkhopna dinga kong ngetna uh hong theihpih a Nong sansak dingun kong thuum uh hi. Tua banah, mikiim akuamapeuh-in hih leitung mihingte ngahding hamphatna hihna thuneihna A thupi ngaihsut mite tungah hih Zosuante kigawmkhopkikna dinga Nasepnate muntuamtuam leh hun tuamtuamte ah Nong huh nong panpih dingun kong thuum uh hi.


Hih Zosuante kigawmkhopkikna ding nasepna a tangtun theihna dingin:-

I.              Kote’n kithutuak takin a taangzai mahmah ding kipawlna khat; Amin dingin ‘ZO Re-unification Organization’ kiphuak hi. (Hihbangin thukim takin kikipsak hi) Tua banah, hih ZO Re-unification Organization (ZORO) ah Political party tuamtuamte leh mimal a utte in:
(i)            Zosuante kigawmkhopkikna thumaan thutak asangte
(ii)           Zosuante kigawmkhopkikna ding thu, adang political pawl tuamtuamte thu sanga a thupi ngaihsut zaw mite
(iii)          Hih kipawlna ZORO in ahuhhun-a a geel leh asep bangbang sanga a thukimpih thei mite kihel thei ding hi.

II.            Hih ka kithukimna uh bangin

(i)            ZORO in kipawlna zaaipitak khat ahih mahbangin khawkneu zaw political nasepna geelna ah kihel theilo ding hi.
(ii)           ZORO unit-te in Bulpi ZORO thukimpihna omlo-in ama ut thu-in a vekpi ai tangin nasepna neitheilo ding hi.
(iii)          ZORO kipawlna sungah political party khatpeuh-in amau sunga Zosuante kigawmkhopkikna ding matawng /galmainawk pawl (frontier organization) bawltawm thei ding hi.
(iv)          ZORO in kipawlna zaaitak ahih mahbangin Zosuante kigawmkhopkikna ding thupi thuphamawhte ah a kisam bangbangin thukhensatna thutawp sangpen nei ding hi.

Hih bangin, Zomi a nungta laite leh a hongpiang lai dingte taangin, anuai a min kigelh tengin, Pasian mai-ah thungetna tawh mingelhkhawmin, hih thuciamna ka kipsak uh hi.


Pawltuamtuam taangmi (Delegates) -40 in minthuh hi.

(Nimit 20-21 May, 1988 lai-a eikampau tawh keima gelh leh Zomi sungah kong hawmkhiat copy 500 hi-aa, ka original copy pan kong teikhiat kik ahi hi.)

Pu Thang Khan Thawn Suante


Venue : Champhai: Mizoram
MAY 19 – 21, 1988
“We, the people of Zo ethnic group,
Inhabitants of the highlands in
The Chin Hills and Arakans of Burma,
The Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh,
The Mizoram State and adjoining hill areas of India
Are descendants of one ancestor.
Our language, our culture and tradition,
And no, less our social and customary practices
Are clear evidences of the ethnological facts.
Further, our historical records,
And footprints both written and unwritten
In the sands of time testify
To the truth of our common ancestry.
“Much against the interest for preservation,
Consolidation and promotion of our ethnic identity,
The British colonial rulers after subjugating us
During the later part of the 19th century,
Exercised the imperialistic policy
Of ‘Divide and Rule’.
As a result, our ancestral homeland was divided,
So were members of the Zo community distributed
Like cattle sold and separated.
“Adding grave insult to injury,
The emergence of the sovereign state
Of India, Burma and Pakistan in 1940s
Had the administrative fragmentations aggravated
And gave birth to deeper agonies of separation
For the constitutional laws of respective countries
Divided Zo ethnic origin into different nationalities.
“For better part of the century,
Largely because of our limited outlook
Both in terms historical and political,
The gravity of our uncertain situation
And the danger for our ethnological demise
Received no meaningful political response.
The genocidal threat of neo-colonialism
Against our Zo ethnic survival
Still remain ever unredeemed.
“Now with political consciousness gaining momentum,
And the spirit of nationalism quickening us
Come fuller realization of our human rights
And of our political prerogatives
We cannot but feel burdened
With the paramount importance of Zo Reunification
For preservation and existence of Zo ethnic identity.
“Re-asserting, therefore, our faith and confidence
In the code of comity of Nation
For redeeming injustices done to Zo ethnic origin,
We, the delegates to the First World Zo Convention of Zo Reunification
Ethnically enshrined on this day
Twentieth Day of the Month of May
In the year of our Lord Nineteen Eighty-Eight
Upon the alter of Zo Reunification
As under:
“We solemnly affirm the truth
That members of Zo ethnic origin
Now living in Burma, India and Bangladesh
Are a people of common ancestry
Speaking a common language,
Blessed with common social,
Cultural and religious background,
And destined to common political fate and destiny.
We sincerely pledge and affirm
Solidarity and integration to take on
A just struggle for Zo Re-Unification
Under one Administrative umbrella
In conformity with the resolution of the Chin-Lushai Conference
Held at Ford William, Calcutta
On January 29, 1892.
We firmly hold the universal truth
That our political aspirations for Zo Reunification
Regardless of international boundary constraints
Are the inalienable rights of all Zo ethnic origin,
Further, we solemnly acknowledge the claim
For Zo Re-unification to be wholly legitimate.
“We firmly adopt the principle of non-violence
For attaining the Zo Re unification.
“We sincerely appeal to the consciences
Of all heads of States and Governments
Under whom Zo Communities are citizens respectively
To recognize and acknowledge
The rightful claim for Zo Reunification.
Further, we appeal to one and all
Believing in the Universal Human Rights
To lend support to the just struggle
For Zo Reunification
At all levels and at different stages.”

In order to promote the just struggle
For Zo Re-unification –
“We solemnly affirm and resolve
That a loose political forum
(And is hereby formed)
Further, we resolve that
Zo re-unification Organisation (ZORO)
Be a forum covering all political parties
And Individuals –
(i) Acknowledging the rightful claim
For Zo Re-unification;
(ii) Accepting the paramount importance
Of Zo Re-unification
Above and beyond party politics, and
(iii) Willing to subscribe the ideas and views
As may develop time to time
Through the forum of ZORO.
“WE affirm and resolve that
(i) ZORO as a forum shall not interfere
In any local political programmes and activities
Of any constituent political party;
(ii) No constituent political unit of ZORO 
In absence of consultation with ZORO
Shall organize any local political party activities
As may adversely affect the objectives of ZORO;
(iii) Any of the political parties
Involving and participating in ZORO
Shall enjoy the privilege of exercising certain discretions
As to form frontal organizations 
Within the respective party concerned
Primarily for promotion of the just struggle
For Zo Reunification, and
(iv) ZORO, as a forum, shall normally finalise
Important policy decisions
In matters related directly or indirectly
To the just struggle for Zo Re-unification.
“WE, the Undersigned,
For and on behalf of Zo people,
Living and children yet to be born,
Look to God in prayer,
And seal this document with our signatures.

(Source: True Copy)

(ZORO thu ka-za zel aa, ahih hang athu kician in ka thei ngei kei hi. Ka Pu Thang Khan Thawn Suante kiang ah ka dot ciang,kician tak leh tel sinsen theih ding in, hih atung aa dan lian mah in a-hong at sak sitset kik  ahihi. Amah tung ah lungdam mahmah inghKei bang mah in athei nuam khat leh nih i om khak leh ci in hong hawmsawn ka hihi.

Cinpu Zomi

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