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(The Working People Daily Friday, 23 March 1990)
By - Chin Sian Thang

A nuai a thute pen ZNC Chairman Pu Chin Sian Thang in Myanmar Ridio leh Myanmar Television Programme panin ZNC ngimna leh tupna  tomcingin a genna ahi hi.

Ko party in ngimna leh tupna nam li ka nei uh a, tuate in Chin tangin Zomi, a kisam ahi democracy mantak sem khia ding, suakta takin sum zuak sum leina ngeina leh Panglong lungtup phonglo ding cihte ahi hi, ci-in gen hi.

Tuanthu a phuankhiatna ah, Zomite in ka neihsa uh leitang tungah tengin, ka ngeinate uh tawh suakta takin a om hithiat dente ka hi uh hi. Kuama khut nuai-ah om ngei loin, ko thu tawh a nungtate ka hi uh hi. Tua banah ko leh koh Zomi a kicite ka uh hi, ci-in behlap hi.

Tu hun ciangin, Union sungah namdangte British in a lak khit kum li zawh ciangin, Zomite zong Bristish kumpi sila a suak ka hi uh hi. Tua hunin zong Zomi kici-in, Chin ka kici ngei kei uh hi. Hih “Chin,” cih pen Zomi lawhna hi lo hi. Hih kammal pen  Paletwa, Matupi, Thantlang, Haka, leh Falam-Tedim-te kammal zat sungah om lo hi.

Hih, “Chin” cih kammal pen nunglam sabaak bangin gamkeekte in hong baak uh ahi hi. Lam khat panin sila hihna ciamtehna min ahi hi. Yangon cih pen 1824 ma pan kipanin Yangon hi den ahi hi. Yangon tangin Rangoon ci-in lawh ding na deih loh mah bangun, ko zong Haka tangin Khalkha, Tedim tangin Tiddim, Sihzang tangin Siyin leh Con Bik tangin Sun Pek cih bangin hong kilawh ding ka deih tuan kei uh hi. Tua ahih manin Chin tangin ka min man tak uh ahi  Zomi cih tawh kilawh ding pen ka tupna uh a masa pen ahi hi, ci-in gen hi.

A tupna uh a nihna in democracy mantak a manlang thei penin ngahna ding ahi hi. Mi khempeuh in, “demcoracy, democracy,” ci-in bang hangin kiko uh hiam? Democracy  mantak in; liangko kikimna (equality) kip let hi. Mi khempeuh upadi nuai-ah kibang kim hi. Mi khempeuh liangko kikimin, hamphatna kibang kim hi. Tuate in: deihteelna bangin nuntakna, deihteelna bangin ngaihsutna leh geelkhiatna, suakta takin gen khiatna leh mipi kaihkhopna, lungnopna dingin tha kipiakna cihte ahi hi. Hihte in pianpih mihingte hamphatna ahi hi. Hihte khempeuh i neih theihna dingin a mantak Democracy kumpi bek in pia thei hi, ci-in tel gen hi.

Tua bang ahih leh Democraccy man tak i cih bang ahi hiam? cih dotna pen, Tua in mipite’ kumpi, mipite tawh, mipite ading, cihna ahi hi. Lam khat panin mipi thu neihna sang pen ding hi. Tua thuneihna pen mipi tung pan ahih kei leh mipi adingin mipi piak thuneihna hi ding a, tua in democratic thuneih ahih kei leh a mantak democracy kumpi hihna hi, ci-in dawng hi. Tua ahih manin democracy ki-ukna mantak a manlangin i ngah theihna dingin Zomi National Congess tavuan ahi hi. 

I gam sungah lei piang na manpha tampi om hi, ci hi. I gam sung khantohna dingin kumpi in mi khempeuh mot sep sak lo ding hi. Sum leh paai zonna lamah kizopna suakta takin kizopna pen, gami pilna kicing a neite tungah pia leh khantohna manlang zaw ding hi. Tua ahih manin ZNC tupna a thumna in suakta takin sum leh paai zonna leh zuakna leh leina neih theihna ding ahi hi.

Panglong thukimna laipi ah Zomite in suaikai masa pen hi. Tua pen suakta takin ka ngaihsutna bangun ahih ka hi uh hi. Tua hunin ka gam ka leitanguah a om hithit thei ka hi khin uh hi. Ahih hangin kibeelpawlna thupi sa zaw ka hih manun sepcial division tawh ka om lel uh hi. Suaktakna i ngah khit ciangin, tua kibeelpawlna tam kham dingin hong kipan ahih manin, Zomite in tua kibeelpawlna a siat lohna dingin, ka sisan uh leh ka nuntakna uh tawh a gumkhiate ka hi uh ci-in, ZNC Chairman in tangthu phong lo kik hi.

Kibeelpawlna a om theihna ding leh a kip den theihna dingin, “Panlong thukimna bek tawh kibawlpha zo ding hi,”  cih pen  ZNC muhna laigil a lina ahi hi, ci-in, thukhup hi.

(The Working People Daily Friday, 23 March 1990)
By Chin Sian Thang

The following is a gist of the campaign speech made by Chairman of the Zomi National Congress (ZNC) Pu Chin Sian Thang through the Voice of Myanmar and the Myanmar Television Programme today.

He said that his party’’s four major policies are to refer to the Chin as Zomi, to work for the emergence of a genuine democracy, to practice free economic system and to raise the Panglong spirit.

He declared that historically, the Zomi nationals lived in their own land in their own way and customs as a sovereign entity. They have been independent and lived in their own way. Also in those days they called themselves Zomi, he added.

In modern history, he said, the Zomi became British slaves four years later than other Union nationals. Also in those days the referred themselves to as Zomi and not Chin. The word, “Chin,” is not part of the Zomi lexicon. Neither is the term found in the dialects of Paletwa, Matupi, Thantlang, Haka or Falam-Tedim dialects, he asserted.

He said the term, “Chin,” was given to them by colonialists behind their back. In other words, it is a term they got after becoming slaves. It is not their original name. Yangon has always been Yangon even before 1824. Just we as you do not want Yangon to be called Rangoon, we do not like to be called Halkha instead of Haka, Tiddim instead of Tedim, Siyin instead of Sihzang and Sun Pek instead of Con Bik. To call ourselves by our original name of Zomi instead of Chin is our first policy, he said.

He went on to said that their second policy was emergence of a genuine democratic government. Everybody shouted, ‘democracy. ‘democracy’. Why? Because democracy accepts the concept of equality. Every body is equal before the law. So everyone gets equal rights. These are the right to live, the right to think and create, the right to freedom of expression and assembly and the right to pursuit of happiness. There are our birthrights of basic human rights. These rights can be granted only by the genuine democratic government, he explained.

What is a genuine democratic government? He asked. It is a government of the people by the people and for the people. In other words the people have the most power. The power obtained from the people or the power freely given by the people is people’s power or democratic power or genuine democratic government, he answered. Therefore, the Zomi National Congress has a responsibility for the emergence of a genuine democratic government.

Our country, he said, is full of natural recourses. In our country like this only the government should not be permitted to develop the country. If qualified citizens are permitted to freely engage in businesses, development will be quicker. So the third policy of ZNC is adopt Free Market Policy to make competition possible in trade and commerce.

The Zomi nationals were the first sign the Pang long Agreement. We did this of our own free will. We could have attained statehood at that time. But since we supported the formation of the Union so much, we had chosen to remain simply as a special division. When the Union was on the brink of disintegration after we regained our independence and when it was called the Yangon Government, the Zomi nationals were a race that the protected the Union with our lives and our blood, recalled the ZNC Chairman.

The raising of the Panlong spirit for the perpetuation and steadfastness of the Union which was formed with the heart is the fourth policy of ZNC, he concluded.

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